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MBMG Industrial Minerals and Sapphires Research Collection

During his 50 year career with the MBMG, Dr. Richard (Dick) Berg studied building stone, zeolites, barite, talc, bentonite, potash, vermiculite, and sapphires, in addition to geologic mapping. This research collection represents a diverse and unique primary source related to Montana’s industrial minerals.

The Industrial Minerals and Sapphires Research Collection includes approximately 40 boxes of specimens and thin sections, more than 100 field books, and a file of field maps. Materials relate to studies primarily about building stone, zeolites, barite, and talc conducted by Dick Berg from about 1966 through 2018. This collection supplements 94 MBMG publications and 46 external publications authored or co-authored by Dr. Berg. Digital copies of the field notebooks can be accessed through our archive search engine using the search word ‘Berg’.

Contact Information

Denise Herman, Data Research Analyst
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Anthony Roth, Map Technician
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Chelsea Pincock, Computer Software Eng/Applications I
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