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J.T. Pardee

Joseph T. Pardee’s interest in geology began in Philipsburg, MT and grew into a 32-year career with the U.S. Geological Survey. Documents in this collection (aerial photos, collection administrative documents, and maps) pertain to Pardee’s work, which ranged from glacial deposits to gold deposits, from mine sites to dam sites. Pardee’s career in the northwestern U.S. included an emphasis on the geology of Montana. Documents can be accessed through our archive search engine using the search term ‘Pardee’.

Personal papers (not geologically related) include mementos, photographs, diaries, newspaper clippings, and documents collected by Joseph T. Pardee and family, including Ruby S. Pardee (spouse), Mary Pardee Kelly (daughter), and Ralph R. Kelly (son-in-law). Contact the MBMG Data Preservation office for further information about accessing these records.

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