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sea star (Asteroidea) fossils

Star fish in Montana...

In the summer of 2010, MBMG geologist Jay Gunderson discovered a very rare fossil star fish (or sea star) near the Pryor Mountains in south-central Montana.  Since then, over 20 additional sea star specimens and parts have been discovered at the site. These are the first sea star fossils ever reported in Jurassic rocks of Montana.  MBMG 660 provides a brief overview of the fossil site.

Geologic Road Map of Montana

GM 65 — Geologic Road Map of Montana

Taking a road trip? MBMG's geologic road map is just what you need to make the view more interesting.

Monatana geologic road map


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Hugh Dress's Stereo picture guides of folds

MBMG 656 A-M

Picture Guide to Folds
Hugh Dresser, 1996


We have just finished scanning and loading Hugh Dresser's set of stereo picture guides of folds, faults, landslides, rivers. pingos, etc..

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IP 6

Coalbed-Methane Basics — Ten years of Lessons from the Powder River Basin, Montana

Imformation Phamplet 6The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology's 2012 publication Information Pamphlet 6, "Coalbed Methane Basics: Ten years of lessons from the Powder River Basin, Montana," by Elizabeth Meredith, John Wheaton, and Shawn Kuzara has won the John C. Frye Memorial Award from the Association of American State Geologists and the Geological Society of America.

The John C. Frye Memorial Award was established in 1989 by the AASG and the Geological Society of America to support the growth of environmental geology, which has steadily risen in prominence over recent decades. The Award is given each year to a nominated environmental geology report published in one of the three preceding calendar years either by GSA or by a state geological survey. A monetary award and a certificate to each author is presented at the AASG Mid-Year meeting, held at the GSA annual meeting.

John Metesh, Director of the MBMG, said: "We are very proud of our group from the Billings Office of the MBMG. As the title suggests, this publication represents a lot of good work over many years."

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Groundwater Open-File 22, Nitrate in the Ground Water and Surface Water of the Summit Valley near Butte, MontanaGWOF 22

Nitrate in the Ground Water and Surface Water of the Summit Valley near
Butte, Montana

This report by MBMG researcher John LaFave, describes the elevated levels of nitrate in ground water in the Summit Valley near Butte, and assesses the hydrogeologic factors and land uses that may contribute to nitrate contamination.

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Bulletin 134-Sapphires in the Butte- Deer Lodge Area, Montana


B 134

Sapphires in the Butte-Deer Lodge
area, Montana

For anyone who is enthusiastic about sapphires.

This stunning, full-color publication describes the sapphire deposits and occurrences in the area north and west of Butte. The identification, size, shape, color, and mineral inclusions of sapphires in the area are discussed, with photos throughout.

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SP 117SP 117

Probabilistic Earthquake Hazard Maps for the State of Montana

Because of the potential earthquake threat to dams in Montana, a set of probabilistic earthquake ground motion maps have been developed for the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) Dam Safety Program.

The maps display ground motions for two site conditions: soft rock and the ground surface. In addition to the ground shaking maps, a set of 6 maps have been developed to aid DNRC and practicing engineers in the analysis of site response and liquefaction potential. These maps display the modal earthquake magnitude and modal distance of the magnitude–distance distribution that contribute to the hazard at a specified location for the three return periods.

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MC 19-Richest hill on earth -postcard size


Postcard version of our MC 19 – "Butte, Montana, Richest Hill on Earth; 100 Years of Underground Mining" map.

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MBMG postcard









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GWIC Database

Need a well log?
Montana's largest source of water-well data, the GWIC database, is now online. Information about well construction, historic water-level measurements, inventory data, and water-quality information are just a few clicks away!
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Montana Topographic Maps

The topo indices for the USGS 7½', 30' x 60', and 1° x 2° maps are completed and can help our customers find the topo maps they need. Of course, for any assistance you need for ordering, check with our publication office at or call us at 406/496-4167!