MBMG Staff Listing

2018 MBMG Staff

Director's Office
Sara Lester, Accounting Associate III
Catherine (Cathy) McKillips, Administrative Associate III
John Metesh, Director and State Geologist—Professor
Ashley Huft, Chemist
Jacqueline (Jackie) Timmer, Chief Analytical Lab, Chemist—Assistant Professor
Information Services
Susan Barth, Chief Information Services Division, Publications Editor
Susan Smith, Geologic Cartographer
Geographic Information Systems
Jeff Johnson, Computer Support Specialist III
Yiwen Li, GIS Specialist
Paul Thale, GIS Manager—Assistant Professor
Data Center
Luke Buckley, Data Systems Manager II—Adjunct Teaching Faculty
Nancy Favero, Information Systems Technician
Stacey Konda, Computer Software Engineer I
Bulbul Majumder, Computer Software Engineer I
Billings Office
Simon Bierbach, Computer Support Specialist III
Kevin Chandler, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Jay Gunderson, Geologist—Professor
Shawn Kuzara, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Elizabeth (Liddi) Meredith, Hydrogeologist—Professor
Jon Reiten, Hydrogeologist—Research Professor
John Wheaton, Hydrogeologist—Professor

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Ginette Abdo, Ground Water Investigation Program Manager—Professor
Richard (Dick) Berg, Geologist—Professor, Emeritus
Robert (Bob) Bergantino, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Matthew (Matt) Berzel, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Daniel (Dan) Blythe, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Andrew (Andy) Bobst, Hydrogeologist—Professor
Camela (Cam) Carstarphen, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Jeremy Crowley, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Margaret (Peggy) Delaney, Program Administrator for Data Preservation
Terence (Ted) Duaime, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Colleen Elliott, Geologist—Professor
Alan English, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
John Foley, Museum Assistant Curator
Ali Gebril, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Madeline Gotkowitz, Research Division Chief—Professor
Phyllis Hargrave, Geologist—Assistant Professor
Denise Herman, Research Assistant, Data Preservation
Gary Icopini, Hydrogeologist—Professor
Stanley (Stan) Korzeb, Economic Geologist—Professor
John LaFave, Hydrogeologist, Ground Water Assessment Program Manager—Professor
Jeff Lonn, Geologist—Professor
James Madison, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Donald Mason, Research Specialist
Catherine (Katie) McDonald, Geologist—Professor
Steve McGrath, Analytical Chemist
Katelyn McNamee, Library Tech III
Marvin (Marv) Miller, Hydrogeologist—Professor, Emeritus
Jesse Mosolf, Geologist—Associate Professor
Todd Myse, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Mike Richter, Research Specialist
James Rose, Hydrogeologist—Associate Professor
Anthony Roth, Library Tech III, Data Preservation
Kaleb Scarberry, Geologist—Associate Professor
Dean Snyder, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Michael (Mike) Stickney, Geologist, Director of Earthquake Studies Office—Professor
Mary Sutherland, Hydrogeologist—Assistant Professor
Connie Thomson, Professional Scientist
Susan Vuke, Geologist—Professor
Kirk Waren, Hydrogeologist—Professor
Mark Wolfram, Professional Scientist
Petr Yakovlev, Geologist—Assistant Professor