Jim Berglund


Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Geoscience
M.S., Geospatial Science in Geology
Contact Information

(406) 496-4405 (tel)

Email Jim Berglund jberglund@mtech.edu

Program Affiliations
Research Interests
Hydrogeology, Groundwater Modeling, Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions, Natural and Artificial Hydrological Tracers, Karst, Fracture Flow Hydrology, GIS, Drones
Outreach & Presentations
Year Type Citation
2019 Educational Outreach Berglund, J.L., 2019, Academic and Career Path of an Early Career Hydrogeologist, Guest Lecture for Montana State University Senior-Level Environmental Science Course, Bozeman, Montana, December 6th, 2019.
2019 Educational Outreach Berglund, J.L., and Sutherland, M., 2019, The Water Bar: Sampling Montana?s Waters, Interactive Demonstration during the MBMG Centennial Celebration Open House, October 24th, 2019.
2019 Presentation Berglund, J.L., and Toran, L., 2019, You Con-Duit! Modeling Conduit Flow and Geometry using High-Resolution Temperature Monitoring and Dye Tracing. American Water Resources Association Meeting, Montana Chapter, Red Lodge, Montana, October 10th, 2019.
Outside Publications
Berglund, J.L., Toran, L., Herman, E.K., 2019, Deducing Flow Path Mixing by Storm-Induced Bulk Chemistry and REE Variations in Two Karst Springs: With Trends Like These Who Needs Anomalies? Journal of Hydrology, 571, p.349-364.
Toran, L., Herman, E.K., and Berglund, J.L., 2018, Advances in Monitoring to Understand Flow Paths in Karst: Comparison of Historic and Recent Data from the Valley and Ridge of Pennsylvania. The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Karst Water Environment: Advances in Research, Management and Policy, vol. 68, Springer International Publishing.
Berglund, J.L., Toran, L., Herman, E.K., 2017, Using Stable Isotopes to Distinguish Sinkhole and Diffuse Storm Infiltration in Two Adjacent Springs. 15th Sinkhole Conference Proceedings, national Cave and Karst Research Institute Symposium.
Gouzie, D., Berglund, J.L., and Mickus, K., 2015, The Application of Fluorescent Dye Tracing to Evaluate Karst Hydrogeologic Response to Varying Recharge Conditions in an Urban Area. Environmental Earth Science, 74, p. 2099-3111.
Berglund, J.L., Mickus, K., and Gouzie, D., 2014, Determining the Relationship between a Newly Forming Sinkhole and Former Dry Stream using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Very Low-Frequency Electromagnetics in an Urban Karst Setting. Interpretation Journal, 2:3, SF17-SF27.