MBMG Staff

Contact information:

Jon C. Reiten
Research Professor/ Hydrogeologist

Professional Experience

2004present, Research Professor/Hydrogeologist
20022004, Associate Research Hydrogeologist
19852002, Hydrogeologist, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Billings

19801985, Hydrogeologist, North Dakota State Water Commission, Bismarck



M.S.Geology, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
Thesis titled "Quaternary Geology of the Knife River-Indian Villages National Historic Site."

B.S.Geology, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks

Continuing Professional Development

USGS Training Course, Report Planning, Policy and Review for New Authors

USGS Training Course, Analytical Methods to Determine Aquifer Properties and to Predict Aquifer Response

Geology Field Camp, Kent State University, Field camp located in Black Hills


Professional Interests

Montana Chapter American Water Resources Association (current Vice President)

Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers

Licensed Monitor Well Constructor (MWC, 035)

Montana Geological Society




Outside Publications

Reiten, J.C., and Ahler, S.A. 1993. Quaternary-geology of the KNRI, The phase I archeological research program for the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Part IV: Interpretation of the archeological record. Pp. 1 - 13 in Thomas D. Thiessen, ed. National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center, Midwest Archeological Center Occasional Studies in Anthropology. No. 27.

Reiten, J.C., and Wheaton, J.R. 1993. Unexpected impacts to unmined aquifers near coal mines. Pp. 134 - 142 in Munshower and Fisher, eds. Planning, Rehabilitation, and Treatment of Disturbed Lands. Sixth Billings Reclamation Symposium Proceedings.

Reiten, J.C. 1992. Moisture flux through the Billings Landfill: Montana University Joint Water Resources Center Report No. 176. 63 pp.

Wheaton, J.R., and Reiten, J C. 1989. Water storage potential in abandoned underground coal mines near Roundup, Montana. Montana Geological Society 1989 Field Conference Guidebook. pp. 415-421.

Reiten, J.C. and Clayton, L. 1984. Paleoenvironmental History of the Oahe Formation. Abstract. Forty-Second Annual Plains Conference. Lincoln, Nebraska.

Reiten, J.C. 1983. Quaternary Geology of the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. University of North Dakota. Submitted to the Midwest Archaeological Center. U.S. National Parks Service. Lincoln, Nebraska. 151 pp.

Comesky, A.E., and Reiten, J.C. 1982. Groundwater Resources of the Surrey Area, Ward County, North Dakota. North Dakota Groundwater Study 87. 99 p.