GIS Hillshading Alternatives

GIS Hillshading Alternatives

These procedures for hillshading alternatives were developed by Pat Kennelly and Jon Kimerling as published in or referred to by articles in Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS), Cartographic Perspectives, ArcUser, and the Journal of Geoscience Education.

1) Illuminated contour article appr 20M

Procedure only (appendix to article) appr 300K

Mount St. Helens & Mount Adams, WA

example of illuminated contour procedure

2) Hachure article (see methodology) appr 2M

Procedure only (no illustrations) appr 120K

Mount Rainier, WA

example hachure procedure

3) Point symbol procedure appr 9K

Rocky Mountain Front & Flathead Lake, Montana

example point symbol procedure

4) Inclined contour procedures appr 80K

Highland Mountains south of Butte, Montana

example inclined countours

5) Hillshading with oriented halftones   app 8 Mb

Sweet Grass Hills, north-central Montana

example 5-half shading