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 The EDMAP Program is administered by the U.S. Geological Survey as a part of the National Geologic Mapping Act of 1992.

This program is available to all colleges and universities in the United States, and provides for annual competitive proposals that support senior- and graduate-level geologic field mapping theses and dissertations. Proposals for thesis work in Montana are coordinated with MBMG's mapping program objectives. index map of EDMAP Programs Dixon Mountain, MBMG 495 Dell 7.5', MBMG 520 Ruby Dam, MBMG 488 Harrison/ Maltbys Mound, MBMG 375 Elkhorn Mountain Volcanics, MBMG 374 Garrison/Luke Mountain, 403 Flint Creek Basin, MBMG 521 St Ignatius/Arlee/St Marys Lake/Gold Creek, MBMG 497 Devils Fence—mbmg565 Henry Gulch-MBMG 563 Tacoma Park mbmg 564 East Bay, MBMG 496 Columbia Mountain, MBMG 487 MBMG 525-Bachelor Mountain MBMG 560-West Valley MBMG 533 Red Rock Dunn Creed, EDMAP 9 Monument Hill, MBMG-517 Helmville MBMG 574 Bailey Mountain/Griffin Creec-ED1 Rock Creek Lake - ED2 Carlton Lake - ED4 Esmaralda Hill, EDMAP 8 Caboose Canyon-MBMG 494 E3-Surface geologic map of the confluence of the Swan and Flathead valleys, western Montana E5-Bedrock and surficial geologic map ot the Snowline 7.5' quadrangle, Beaverhead County, southwest Montana E6-Geologic map of the Nez Perce drainage basin, southwestern Montana E7-Bedrock and surficial geologic map of the Lima Dam 7.5’ quadrangle, Beaverhead County, southwest Montana E1-Geologic map of the Ratio Mountain 7.5' quadrangle, southwest Montana

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