Mapping MontanaGeologic research and mapping enhances Montana's information base, encourages responsible development and environmental protection, and provides key assessments of resource problems. The MBMG's diverse research interests are supported by Federal and State funds. MBMG professionals in Butte and Billings are involved in over 70 outside-funded projects in cooperation with more than 100 different local, State, Federal, and private organizations.These projects, which evaluate all aspects of Montana's vast mineral resources, are distributed throughout the State.

Staff members conduct research in a variety of areas: geology of the Rocky Mountains, earthquake studies, fossil fuels, landslide studies, environmental assessment, and science education. In addition, MBMG professionals actively participate on approximately 50 technical advisory committees, councils, or study groups for the benefit of public organizations or agencies. One of the lecture series where you will find MBMG staff contributing is the Montana Tech Research Seminars.mapping Montana Recently they have begun to video these lectures (to view these lectures click here). MBMG personnel contribute their expertise and also continue to learn through their participation in and communication with these groups.