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Montana Ground Water Assessment Program
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
Montana Tech of The University of Montana
1300 West Park Street
Butte, Montana 59701-8997

The Montana Ground Water Assessment Program (GWAP) is mapping the distribution and documenting the water quality and physical properties of the State's aquifers. The Montana Ground Water Assessment Act of 1991 established the characterization program and the complementary program to conduct long-term, statewide monitoring of groundwater quality and water levels. A statewide steering committee establishes policy and coordinates the entire Ground Water Assessment Program.

How are our data used?
Groundwater usage chart

Within GWAP are the Groundwater Monitoring Program—a long-term well monitoring program—the Ground Water Characterization Program, which provides basic information about aquifers within specific areas as prioritized by the Ground Water Assessment Steering Committee, and the Ground Water Information Center (GWIC), our online database where customers seek groundwater data generated by MBMG projects, logs from water-well drilling, and results from water-quality sampling.

GWIC by the Numbers

  • More than 27,289 registered users
  • Currently about 3,800 sessions and 38,100 queries each month
  • Information on 244,023 wells and boreholes
  • Scanned images for 244,023 well log documents
  • Results from 61,571 water-quality analyses for 18,051 sites
  • 20.1 million water-level measurements

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Groundwater Monitoring wells in Montana

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