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Florence Area

Florence area locaion mapBackground and Purpose

The Bitterroot Valley has been one of the fastest growing areas throughout the State. With the conversion of land from agricultural to residential use, groundwater withdrawals and consumptive use have changed. Residential development has also resulted in increased septic density. The purpose of this project is to determine the potential effect of residential groundwater withdrawals from development east of Florence on groundwater levels and stream depletion in the Bitterroot River and Threemile and Eightmile Creek drainages. Potential groundwater-quality degradation as a result of septic waste drainage will also be investigated.

Project Scope

The study will focus on the Threemile and Eightmile Creek drainages and will address the following:

Florence Wells and MountainsFlorence Wells and Mountains
  • Changes in the water budget through time

  • Historic and current groundwater-level trends and factors that are controlling these trends

  • Current groundwater usage and effects on stream depletion

  • Predicting the effects of future increased well usage on long-term groundwater drawdowns and stream depletion

  • Groundwater and surface-water quality and effects from residential development


Project Duration: December 2009 to July 2013

GWIP Personnel Assigned:

Ginette Abdo – Team leader/Hydrogeologist
Email Ginette AbdoGabdo@

Dean Snyder – Hydrogeologist
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