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Background and Purpose

The Bitterroot Valley has been one of the fastest growing areas throughout the State. With the conversion of land from agricultural to residential use, groundwater withdrawals and consumptive use have changed. Residential development has also resulted in increased septic density. The purpose of this project is to determine the potential effect of residential groundwater withdrawals from development in the Hamilton area on groundwater and surface water.Bitterroot River-Hamilton area

Project Scope

Potential groundwater-quality degradation as a result of septic waste drainage will be investigated. The hydrogeology willbe characterized and project data will be used to construct a groundwater flow model in order to make predictions on how future development will impact groundwater and surface-water resources.

Project Duration:  October 2013 — expected to end in 2015

GWIP Personnel Assigned:

Todd Myse Team Leader/Hydrogeologist
406.496.4838 Email Todd

Dean Snyder Hydrogeologist
406-496.4882 Email Dean

Ginette AbdoProgram Manager/Hydrogeologist
406.496.4152 Email Ginette

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In the News: Groundwater study: State hydrogeologists continue research on Bitterroot Valley aquifer, February 18, 2015  
• By Perry Backus, Ravalli Republic

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