Dear Patrons,
The MBMG Publications Office is currently closed to the public to allow for social distancing due to COVID-19. You can still order publications online or download any of the available versions for free. As the office is closed, packages will be delayed until we return, which could be a few days to several weeks. We will do our best once we are back in the office to get any orders out as soon as possible! We will inform the public when we reopen. Thank you for your business and we hope to see you again soon!
MBMG Publications Staff

MBMG's Publication Office brings information to you!

The mission of the Information Services Division is to get that information out to you. We edit reports, maps, and brochures; lay them out and create figures so you can more easily read them; and distribute these finished products through our sales office and our website.
We serve the citizens of Montana, and anyone who needs information about Montana's geologic and water resources.


The MBMG responds to requests for information on Montana geology and water from a diverse range of people, including: artists (jewelers, potters, etc.); builders; geologists; local, county, State and Federal agencies; miners; researchers; recreationists (amateur gold prospectors, campers, fishermen, gardeners, hikers, hunters, rock hounds, etc.); real estate agencies; students; schools; and universities.
We supply information as MBMG publications, USGS topographic or thematic maps, data on our Data Center, or as referrals to MBMG researchers.


The Information Services Division includes editorial services, cartography and graphic design, website management and design, and publication sales. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

  • Editorial, Chief of Information Services Division:
    Susan Barth — Email: Susan Barth; 406-496-4687

  • Cartography/Graphic Design:
    Susan Smith — Email: Susan Smith; 406-496-4173

  • Publication Sales:
    Shelley Reed — Email: Shelley Reed; 406-496-4167

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