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Below are selected links to websites of several seismological and geological organizations. These links are separated into three groups: First are links to sites that cover seismic news, second are the links to surrounding seismic networks, and third are general links on seismology.

Seismic News:
Google Earthquake News – Worldwide Seismic Headline News
Yahoo Earthquake News – Worldwide Seismic Headline News

Surrounding Regional Seismic Networks:
Boise State University Earthquake Seismology – Seismic Network covering central and western Idaho, and eastern Oregon.
National Earthquake Hazards Program (Canada) – Canadian Seismic Network.
University of Utah Seismic Stations (UUSS) – Utah and Yellowstone National Park Seismic Networks.
University of Washington, Geophysics (PNSN) – The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network.

General Seismic Links:
USGS National Earthquake Information Center – US and Global earthquake information.
USGS National Seismic Hazard Mapping Project – US Seismic Hazard Maps.
WSSPC – Western States Seismic Policy Council, provides information and promotes programs to help reduce earthquake–related losses.
Seismo–Surfing the Internet – An excellent site for finding newslinks to all sorts of seismological information. Dr. Steve Malone (University of Washington) has compiled the preeminent page of world wide web links for seismology pages.
Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) – The website for the National Seismic System (ANSS)
ANSS Composite Earthquake Catalog – A world–wide earthquake catalog that is created by merging the master earthquake catalogs from contributing ANSS institutions and then removing duplicate solutions for the same event. The ANSS Composite Earthquake Catalog grew out of the efforts of the CNSS (Council of the National Seismic System). It was previously called the CNSS Earthquake Catalog.
IRIS Seismic Monitor – A site that provides, among other things, a Global Seismicity Map.
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology – The Earthquake Studies Office parent organization.
NEIC Montana Seismicity Page – The United States Geological Service National Earthquake Information Center site on Montana Seismicity.
Personalizing the Earthquake Threat – Historical information about the most significant historical earthquakes in Montana and surrounding regions.
Earthworm Documentation and Support – The homepage for the Earthworm Seismic software package.

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