Our mission is to provide information for the sound use of Montana’s geological and water resources.

Our vision is to be Montana’s lead source of geologic and water information.

As a non-regulatory State agency within the Montana University System, we serve as Montana’s geologic survey, addressing topics ranging from earthquake monitoring and geologic mapping to energy development and groundwater. We are housed on the campus of Montana Technological University and maintain a fully staffed office in Billings.

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Current Events/Featured Topics

Newly Released! The MBMG GIS Data Hub

The MBMG GIS Data Hub Site is our newly developed interactive web platform for everyone to explore our web maps and analytical web applications. The Hub Site will also provide the download links for GIS data of interest via individual web applications. Geology, geohazards, water resources, environmental studies, energy resources, and mineral resources GIS data is all available via the GIS Hub Site.


Montana Geohazards Workshop 2023

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) is organizing the 2023 Montana Geohazards Workshop held by the Disaster and Emergency Services office in Fort Harrison on April 26-27, 2023. In addition, FEMA training courses will be provided following the workshop in Fort Harrison on April 27-28, 2023.

Helena Earthquake

MBMG Mineral Museum Open House

On January 19th, the MBMG Mineral Museum hosted an open house, celebrating the many faces of Montana Moss Agates. Watch the presentation by Gary Icopini or purchase our 2023 calendar featuring moss agates!

Dendrites in AgateCoverPhoto

Morphology of sapphires from secondary deposits, southwestern Montana

Esteemed MBMG Geologist Dick Berg has released a new publication in his sapphire series, RI 34: "Morphology of sapphires from secondary deposits, southwestern Montana".


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