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For three decades the MBMG has produced wall calendars featuring different aspects of Montana's scenery and culture. As our calendars evolved, a geologic description, an area history, and interesting facts were added to the back of the calendar. Check out our CALENDAR STORYMAP to learn more about our calendars.

We are always looking for great photos, sketches, and ideas for our calendar, so if you have any photos with interesting geologic facts, send them along and maybe they will become part of our calendar collection.

MBMG 2020 Calendar

Trapper Peak, Bitterroot Mountains — The 2020 calendar features Trapper Peak, Bitterroot Mountains.



By John Metesh and Susan Barth— All Rights Reserved





1987 calendar

1987 "Tranquil Falls" — Marias Pass,
northwestern Montana
(© H.L. James, MBMG)

Eye of the needle, 1988 calendar

1988 "Eye of the Needle," along the
Missouri River, downstream from
Fort Benton, Montana (© Tim Lucas)

Rocky Mountain Front near Augusta

1989 "From the Mountains to the
Prairies" — Rocky Mountain front
near Augusta (© George Wuethner)

Dublin Gulch, Butte Montana

1990 "Richest Hill on Earth"—
Dublin Gulch, Butte, Montana
(circa, 1910 — © Diane Nugent, 1989)

Square Butte— A cowboy and his Friends, Charles M. Russell

1991 "Square Butte", — west of Great
Falls — A Cowboy and his Friends,
(© C.M. Russell,1922)

Citadel Rock

1992 "Citadel Rock"— Fort Benton, Montana
The Far West steaming toward Fort Benton, (© G. R. Lucy), 1872

Age of Dinosaures. Monty Dolack

1993 "Age of Dinosaurs" Cretaceous
Period - 80 Million years ago
(© Monte Dolack)

Mount Gould, Glacier National Park

1994 "Mount Gould" —
Glacier National Park
(© Larry Ulrich)

Gold dredge on Grasshopper Creek  at Bannack

1995 "Gold Dredging on
Grasshopper Creek at Bannack"
(circa 1898– © Diane Nugent, 1994)


1996 "Chinese Wall"
— Bob Marshall Wilderness
(© Rick Graetz)


1997 "Jerusalem Rocks" — Montana's badlands,
north and west of Shelby, Montana
(© Baub Kyle, MBMG)


1998 "Madison Range" —
southwestern Montana
(© David E. Lageson)

Big Horn Canyon 1999

1999 "Bighorn Canyon" — view looking south of the Ok-a-beh area,
(© Salvatore Vaspolli)

Pompey's Pillar

2000 "Pompey's Pillar" — Yellowstone
River (© Teresa Donato, 1999)

Crazy Mountain

2001 "Crazy Mountain" — south-central
Montana, north of Livingston
(© John Lambing)

Birdtail Butte

2002 "Birdtail Butte" — a natural
landmark southwest of Great Falls
(© John Lambing)

 Flathead River and Mission Range

2003 "Flathead River and Mission
Range" — western Montana
(© John Lambing)


2004 "Hoodoos"— in the Greybull sandstone,
due west of Pryor, Montana
(© David Lopez, MBMG)

Jefferson River Canyon

2005 "Jefferson River Canyon" —
southeast of Cardwell, Montana
(© Pete Norbeck, MBMG)

Rainbow Falls, Great Falls Montana

2006 "Rainbow Falls" — Great Falls,
Montana" (© Pete Norbeck, MBMG)

Makoshika State Park

2007 "Makoshika State Park"— south
of Glendive, Montana
(© Diane Hargreaves –2006 )

Berkeley Pit

2008 "Berkeley Pit" — Butte, Montana
(© Pete Norbeck, MBMG)

Blackleaf Canyon

2009 "Blackleaf Canyon"
— the Madison limestone
(© C. Hanley-2008)

2010 Calendar

2010 "Chief Mountain"
— Glacier National Park 100th Anniversary
(© Marc Adamus)

2011 Calendar, White Cliffs

2011 "The White Cliffs of the Missouri" — a stretch along the Missouri River of bluffs
(© Wayne Mumford )

2012 calendar - Beaverhead Range

2012 "Beaverhead Range" — these peaks are the highest and most rugged in the chain of mountains that forms the Idaho–Montana border
(© Jeff Lonn, MBMG)

Sapphires, sapphires, sapphires

2013 "Montana Sapphires"—first reported
discovery of sapphires in the U.S. was in 1865
Gem circle ©Tino Hammid, courtesy of
Robert Kane of American Sapphire Company.

2014 Calendar

2014 "Capitol Rock" in eastern Montana, one of ten National Natural Landmarks in Montana. Capitol Rock is so named for its resemblance to the U.S. Capitol Building. (Photo by Chuck Haney, © All Rights Reserved. www.chuckhaney.com)

MBMG 2015 Calendar

2015 "Montana's Groundwater—It's All in the Geology" Pivot irrigation near Dillon, Montana.
(Photo by Chuck Haney, © All Rights Reserved. www.chuckhaney.com)

MBMG 2016 Calendar

2016 "Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park—Created in 1937, the Park is Montana's oldest State Park.
(Photo by Thomas Patton,
MBMG © All Rights Reserved
. (For more calendar facts and photos, click here.)

MBMG 2017 Calendar

2017 "Big Butte — part of the Lowland Creek Volcanics formed by a volcanic episode millions of years ago.
(Top photo by David Nolt; others by Thomas Patton & Kaleb C. Scarberry, MBMG
© All Rights Reserved

MBMG 2018 Calendar

2018 "Glacial Lake Missoula & the Ice Age Floods
( Top photo by D. Bennett; MBMG
© All Rights Reserved

MBMG 2019 Calendar

2019 "The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology was created in 2019 to provide the state of Montana with information on mineral resources and geology. This calendar celebrates our centennial and productive history.
(© All Rights Reserved.)

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