Mining Archives/Data Preservation

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology operates out of offices located in southwest and south-central Montana. From our locations on the Montana Tech Campus in Butte and from downtown Billings, our staff travels the entire State to serve both rural and urban residents and their communities.

MBMG Archives Location:

Bureau Location Map

Natural Resources Building, Room 217

Montana Technological University

1301 West Park Street

Butte MT 59701

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Closed weekends and holidays.


Photocopies and Reproductions

All photocopying is performed by Archives staff. Please note that reproduction requests may be denied for items considered too fragile to copy with causing damage to the original. Digital cameras may be used to take pictures of most materials for personal use, study, reference or classroom use.

Photocopying Charges

Black and white copies: $0.10 per page (up to 11” x 17” page)

Color copies: $0.20 per page (up to 11” x 17” page)

Maps, drawings and documents larger than 11” x 17” in size: $15.00/page

Shipping and Handling Fees:

Order Amount Shipping
$ 0 - 5.00 $ 2.50
$ 5.01 - 10.00 $ 3.50
$ 10.01 - 20.00 $ 4.50
$ 20.01 - 30.00 $ 5.50
$ 30.01 - 50.00 $ 6.50
$ 50.01 - 70.00 $ 7.50
$ 70.01 - 90.00 $ 8.50
$ 90.01 - 120.00 $ 10.50
additional $20 add $2.00

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mining Archives disclaimer:

All documents held by the MBMG Mining Archives have been donated and therefore the information an individual might derive from any document is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, or complete.

Specifically MBMG does not warrantee:

The accuracy of the mining-related information within the Mining Archives.

The reliability of findings based upon data from the maps and/or mining-related information.

The reliability of findings from digital mapping programs.

The completeness of the maps or mining-related reports, as they may not reflect prior- or more- recent mining.

The accuracy of any georeferenced mine maps.

Other useful links and sources of mining related information