Environmental Studies

Many Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology projects address assessment of and human impact on Montana's natural resources.

Below are current MBMG projects and contact information for project managers.

  • Acid mine-drainage mitigation through land-use changes and source control at an abandoned underground coal mine, Belt (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Ground-water monitoring of flooding underground mines and the Berkeley Pit — Berkeley Pit/Butte Mine Flooding (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Upper Clark Fork River Basin Restoration Fund Grant, Natural Resource Damage Program (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Screening for Organic Wastewater Compounds (OWC) Groundwater, Streams, and Wastewaters (Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)

    OWCs in surface and ground waters of Gallatin County

    Water Center Grant

    OWCs in surface and ground waters Summit Valley

  • Mouat Chromium Waste Repository (Stillwater Co.) Long-Term Monitoring (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda Regional Water-Long-Term Groundwater monitoring program (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda Regional Arsenic Source Study (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda–Mill Creek Drainage Stormwater Study (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Butte Area One—Diggings East Area (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Crystal–Bullion Mines Adit Discharge monitoring (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Matt Berzel 406.496.4431)
  • Coal mine reclamation research on recovery of the hydrogeologic systems (Elizabeth Meredith 406.657.2929)
  • Return of groundwater levels after strip mining and spoils aquifer productivity

    Water-quality recovery within the spoils aquifer

  • Coalbed-methane groundwater monitoring and research (Elizabeth Meredith 406.657.2929)
  • Annual evaluation of changes in groundwater related to CBM production

    Research into specific questions such as fate and chemistry of discharged water

Natural Resource Building