The MBMG's Geologic Map of Montana

Bureau Location Map

Montana's diverse and challenging geology is evident, from its western mountains lifted and folded by tectonics and sculpted by glaciers, to its vast eastern plains partly overlain by glacial till and dissected by wind and water.

The Geologic Map of Montana includes three parts. Plate 1 is the geologic map of the state (approx. 4 x 7 ft). Plate 2 provides supporting and complementary information including the correlation chart of surface rocks with generalized lithologic information. The third part is a booklet containing all figures shown on plates 1 and 2, additional figures, the description of map units, list of scaled model of GM 62 source maps for plate 1, and references cited for all plates, figures, and text.

Montana Geologic Map Products

GM 62A (glossy version)

GM 62B (matte version)

GM 62C (CD)

GM 62D Information Booklet (free download)

GM 62E Field Notebook

Digital Data

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