Mineral Information and Small Miner Assistance

The Mineral Information and Small Miner Assistance Program is a repository of mine and mineral data gathered since the 1800s. We have totals on commodity production since the 1800s as well as individual mine production since 1901. (The individual property production records are only available with permission of the owner). The database is organized by property and also includes bibliographies of previously published research. Although incomplete, it contains approximately 4,000 surface and underground maps and files on approximately 5,000 of 8,600 known properties. Many of the properties on federal lands have been assessed for environmental risk. Soon, this database will be available online.

For information on Small Miner Assistance, contact:

Phyllis Hargrave 406.496.4606 (tel) email P. Hargrave Email : phargrave@mtech.edu

For Mineral Information on the database, contact:

Denise Herman , Research Assistant 406.496.4729 (tel) email Denise Herman Email : dherman@mtech.edu

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