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June 2012 — GWIP Fact Sheet


Deep Aquifer Hydrogeology, The Flathead (Kalispell) Valley—AWRA October 14, 2016, John Wheaton, James Rose, Ali Gebril, Liddi Merridith, Andy Bobst

Lolo Creek Project, How Does a Stream Go from Wet to Dry — Poster presented to AWRA, October 2016, Camela Carstarphen, John Wheaton, Mike Chambers, and Ali Gebril

Science on Tap—Three-Dimensional Geologic Model of the Flathead River Valley at Kalispell, Montana —April 5–6, 2016, James Rose

Science on Tap—Hydrogeology of the Deep Confined Aquifer—April 5–6, 2016, John Wheaton, James Rose, Ali Gebril, Elizabeth Meridith, & Andy Bobst

Three-Dimensional Geologic Model of the Flathead River Valley at Kalispell, Montana, Kalispell, Montana —April 5–6, 2016, John Wheaton & James Rose

Deep Aquifer Hydrogeology The Flathead (Kalispell) Valley, Kalispell, Montana—April 5–6, 2016, John Wheaton & James Rose

The Deep Aquifer & Subsurface Geology of the Flathead Valley Presentation (poster), Kalispell, Montana—April 5–6, 2016, John Wheaton & James Rose

Stevensville Conceptual Model and MODFLOW ; slide show presented to a working group of local irrigators in Hamilton —Jan. 7, 2016, Kirk Waren

Flathead Valley Deep Aquifer: Geologic Setting and Hydrogeologic Implications; presented at 2015 Clark Fork Symposium—April 24, 2015, John Wheaton, James Rose, Andy Bobst, & Ali Gebril

An Overview of the Boulder River Groundwater Investigation; presented to Jefferson County Commissioners — January 2015, Andy Bobst

Ground Water Investigations Program and the Groundwater Assessment Program; Data to inform the Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins, November 17, 2014, Ginette Abdo and John LaFave

Groundwater investigation of the Four Corners study area; Gallatin Local Water Quality District Board of Directors Meeting, Bozeman, Mont., September 10, 2012, Tom Michalek

An update on the Upper Jefferson groundwater investigations; Upper Jefferson Watershed Council, Whitehall, Mont., September 4, 2014, Andy Bobst

An overview of the Boulder River and Upper Jefferson groundwater investigations:; Missouri Headwaters Partnership Meeting, Whitehall, Mont., May 6, 2014, Andy Bobst.

Groundwater Assessment and Investigations, Upper Missouri River Basin; Helena, Mont., February 26, 2014, Ginette Abdo and John LaFave

Overview of past, current and discussion of possible future MBMG research in the Clark Fork; Clark Fork Task Force, Missoula, Mont., February 12, 2014, John Wheaton

Update on the Clear Lake Aquifer Project; Sheridan County Conservation District and Clear Lake Aquifer Water Reservation Technical Advisory Committee, Plentywood, Mont., March 2014, Jon Reiten

Four Corners and Belgrade GWIP study areas update; Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators, Annual Meeting, Belgrade, Mont., December 2, 2014, Tom Michalek.

Big Sky Groundwater Study; Big Sky County Water and Sewer District No. 363, Big Sky, Mont., May 2014, James Rose and Connie Thompson (graduate student)

Gallatin Valley GWIP Projects Update; Spring Water Meeting, Bozeman, Mont., April 2014, Tom Michalek

Groundwater–surface-water flow demonstration using the Plexiglas groundwater flow model; Jefferson River Rally, Whitehall, Mont., April 24, 2014

Disseminate groundwater information; Groundwater Awareness Week, Butte, Mont., March 15, 2014, Ginette Abdo and Mary Sutherland.

Ground Water Investigation Program (GWIP - MBMG) Program Status and Update ; presented to the Water Policy Interim Committee September 10, 2012

Energy and Groundwater Workshop—July 2012


Ground Water Investigations Program and the Groundwater Assessment Program; Montana Salintiy Control Association and Montana Association of Conservation Districts Annual Meeting, Fairmont Hot Springs, November 18, 2014, Ginette Abdo and John LaFave.

The Montana American Water Resources Conference (AWRA), Kalispell, October 8–10, 2014 GWIP presentations:

  • October 8 — Kalispell Valley groundwater field tour (James Rose and John Wheaton)
  • October 10 — Groundwater and surface-water interaction within the Boulder River Valley (Andy Bobst)
  • October 10 — Estimating Mountain Front recharge in the Waterloo area of the Upper Jefferson Valley (Nicole Brancheau, Graduate Student)
  • October 10 — Hydrogeology and water budget of the Eightmile Creek Fan, Florence, Montana (Dean Snyder)
  • October 10 — Long-term aquifer tests from the Deep Aquifer of the Flathead River Valley near Kalispell (James Rose)

Rocky Mountain Section GSA, May 2014, Bozeman, Montana GWIP Presentations:

2014 Nitrate in Montana Hydrologic Systems Conference — April 2014

Gallatin Valley GWIP Projects Update — April 2014

An overview of a new MBMG Hydrogeology Program—Presented to the MBIA—October 5, 2012

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