MBMG Research

The Research Division contains the MBMG’s scientific/data collection programs

  • Earthquake Studies — tracks and analyzes Montana’s seismicity. Manages the Quakes database.
  • Economic Geology — investigates the geochemistry, evolution, and economic mineral potential of metalliferous mineral deposits.
  • Environmental Studies — monitors/studies mining-related hydrogeologic issues in the Butte-Anaconda area, acid mine-drainage in the Stockett/Sand Coulee area, and chromium contamination near Columbus, Montana.
  • Energy Resources — investigates coal resources, geologic frameworks for oil and gas reservoirs, and groundwater near energy development.
  • Geology/Geologic Mapping — detailed geologic mapping at 1:24,000 and 1:100,000 scales in the complex geologic regimes of western and southwestern Montana.
  • Ground Water Assessment Program (GWAP)— reconnaissance groundwater-resource studies in areas of one to five counties. Manages the Ground Water Information Center (GWIC) database and the statewide long-term groundwater-monitoring network (GWAAMON).
  • Ground Water Investigations Program (GWIP)— detailed groundwater investigations focused on issues of statewide importance. Studied/modeled areas range from less than a township to several townships.
  • Mining Archives/Data Preservation — historic coal, oil and gas, and mineral-resource data. Databases managed include Abandoned and Inactive Mines (AIM) and Mining Archives.
  • Surface Water Assessment Program (SWAMP) — surface water monitoring and assessment. Manages the SWAMP database of historic and real-time flows and temperatures.