Steve McGrath

Analytical Chemist

M.S., Metallurgy / M.S., Geochemistry
B.S., Chemistry / B.A., Botany
Contact Information

(406) 496-4344 (tel)

Email Steve McGrath smcgrath@mtech.edui

Program Affiliations
Analytical Services, Environmental
Research Interests
Analytical Chemistry - Assist analytical chemists with developing methods. Geochemistry - Biogeochemistry or trace elements in mining-impacted environments. Mining/Abandoned Mines - Processess for recovery of metal commodities from mine wastes.
Outreach & Presentations
Year Type Citation
2016 Educational Outreach McGrath, S., 2016, Butte Superfund tour that included Silver Bow Creek, the Butte Treatment Lagoons, and the Diamond Overlook: Pumped Water from the Parrott Tailings to Butte High School Science Students, Butte, Montana, October 19, 2016.
Outside Publications
Twidwell, L.G., Dahnke, D.R., and McGrath, S.F., 1992, Detoxification of and Metal Value Recovery From Metal Finishing Sludge Materials: in H.M. Freeman, ed. Innovative Hazardous Waste Treatment Technology Series: Technomics Publishing Co., v. 2, Physical and Chemical Processes, p. 56-62.
Twidwell, L.G., and McGrath, S.F., 1989, Metal Value Recovery From Metal Hydroxide Sludge Materials: Report Submitted to Encycle, Inc.
Twidwell, L.G., and McGrath, S.F., 1988, Recovery of Rhenium From Electromachining Sludge: Report Submitted to General Electric Corp.
Diebold, F., and McGrath, S.J., 1985, Investigation of Artemisia Tridentata as a Biogeochemical Uranium Indicator: Geochemical Exploration, v. 23, no. 1.
McGrath, S.J., 1983, Investigation of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata) and Black Greasewood (Sarcobatus Vermiculatus) (Hook)Torr.) as Biogeochemical Uranium Indicators: M.S. Thesis, Butte: Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology.