Gary Icopini



Ph.D., Geological Sciences
M.S., Geosciences and B.A., Geology
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(406) 496-4841 (tel)

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Research Interests
Geochemistry, Ground Water Assessment, Ground Water Monitoring, Hydrogeology, Mining, Abandoned Mines, Archives, Well Inventory
Outreach & Presentations
Year Type Citation
2018 Presentation Icopini, G., 2018, Water Chemistry Changes in the Berkeley Pit, Butte, Montana: Presented at the 2018 Mining and Mineral Symposium, Butte, Montana, October 11, 2018.
2018 Presentation Icopini, G., 2018, History and Recent Changes in the Geochemistry of the Berkeley Pit Lake: Presented at the Chemistry & Geochemistry Department Seminar Series, at Montana Tech, Butte, Montana, October 3, 2018.
2016 Educational Outreach Icopini, G.A., 2016, Technical Assistance to the Students of Professor Dr. Alysia Cox when they were Collecting Chemical and Biological Samples from the Butte Mine Shafts, Butte, Montana, May 24, 2016.
Outside Publications
Ellis, R.J., Long, D.T., and Icopini, G.A., 2011, Understanding Partitioning of Fe, Cu, and Zn, in Contaminated Oxic and Anoxic Soils: 12th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 8 - 10 September 2011, Rhodes Island, Greece, in CEST2011, A-497-506.
Timmer, J., and Icopini, G.A., 2010, Screening for Organic Wastewater Chemicals in the Groundwater of Summit Valley, Montana: in Proceeding of the American Water Resources Association, Montana Section, 2010 Conference, Helena Montana, p. 43.
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Abdo, G., Icopini, G., LaFave, J., Michalek, T., Metesh, J., and Waren, K., 2008, Lower Beaverhead River Case Study: in Final Case Study Report to the 60th Legislature Water Policy Interim Committee, 135 p., September 11, 2008.
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