Data Preservation



The Earthquake Studies Office (ESO) of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology opened in June 1980 to operate the Montana Regional Seismograph Network. The office collects and analyzes seismic data and reports earthquake information. The ESO also collects and stores seismograms recorded in Montana by other groups and agencies.

This collection of original paper seismograms includes those recorded on MBMG seismograph stations from 1980 through approximately 2010. Each box typically contains one month of seismograms. The collection also includes paper seismograms and microfilm records recorded at the University of Montana from 1972-1978; seismograms on photographic paper from the Bozeman (BOZ) World Wide Standardized Seismograph Network (WWSSN) station from 1963-1968; the Missoula (MSO) WWSSN station from 1974-1985; and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Libby Dam network from 1970-1985. Contact Mike Stickney, Director, MBMG ESO for information about accessing these records, at (406) 496-4332 or Email.

Continuous digital data recorded since August 15, 2001, is archived at the IRIS Data Management Center. Recent seismogram images are available from the MBMG earthquakes website.

Contact Information

Denise Herman, Data Research Analyst
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Anthony Roth, Map Technician
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Chelsea Pincock, Computer Software Eng/Applications I
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