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The Earthquake Studies Office of the MBMG operates the Montana Regional Seismic Network (MRSN), a network of permanent seismic stations located throughout western Montana. The MRSN stations and their capabilities are listed below. To view the live webicorder image, click View next to your selection.

Station Name Short Period
Vertical (EHZ)
(BHZ or HHZ)
High Pass
Vertical (SPZ)
Low Pass
Vertical (LPZ)
North-South (HHN)
East-West (HHE)
Alberton, MT View
Barton Gulch, MT View
Bassoo Peak, MT View
Big Hole Peak, MT View
Black Pine Ridge, MT View
Blacktail Mountain, MT
Bozeman Pass, MT View
Bozeman, MT (ANSS) View View
Butte, MT View View View View
Chamberlin Mountain, MT View
Chrome Mountain, MT View
Dagmar, MT (ANSS) View View
Dillon, MT (ANSS) View View
Eagleton, MT (ANSS) View View
Earthquake Lake, MT View
Elliston, MT View
Emigrant Creek, MT View View View
Ferry Basin, MT View
Ford Creek, MT View View View
Granite Butte, MT View View View
Greycliff, MT View
Helena Valley, York Bridge, MT View View View
Jette, MT View View View View
LASA 0 ring, MT (ANSS) View View
Lewis and Clark Caverns, MT View
Libby Dam, MT View View View View
Lima, MT View View View
Limekiln Ridge, MT View View View
Limekiln Ridge, MT View
Lyon Mountain, MT View
McKenzie Canyon, MT View
Mink Peak, MT View
Mission Creek, MT View
Missoula, MT (ANSS) View View
Monida, MT View
Mount Belmont, MT View
Mount Humbug, MT View
Nine Mile Divide, MT View
Ovando Mountain, MT View
Pistol Creek, MT View
Red Lodge, MT (ANSS) View View
Salmond Ranch, MT View View View
Seeley Lake, MT View
Sixmile Mountain, MT View
Stillwater Mine, MT View
Swartz Lake, MT View
Teepe Creek, MT View
Victor, MT View
Yellow Bay, MT View
Auburn Fish Hatchery, ID (ANSS) View
Big Cottonwood Creek (Idaho Geological Survey), ID View View
Centennial Mountains, ID View View
Emerald Creek (Idaho Geological Survey), ID View View
Hailey, ID (ANSS) View
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch (Idaho Geological Survey), ID View View
Mayfield, ID (ANSS) View
Pearl Lake, ID (ANSS) View
Taylor Wilderness Research Station (Idaho Geological Survey), ID View View
Tomer Butte, ID (Idaho Geological Survey) View
Blue Mountains Array, OR View
Rapid City, SD (ANSS) View
Greenacres, WA View View
Newport, WA (ANSS) View
Blue Mountains Array, WY (ANSS) View
Boulder Array, WY (ANSS) View
Flagg Ranch, WY (ANSS) View
Fox Creek, WY (ANSS) View
Indian Meadows, WY (ANSS) View
Lake, WY View
Long Hollow, WY (ANSS) View
Moose Ponds, WY (ANSS) View
Snow King Mountain, WY (ANSS) View
Teton Pass, WY (ANSS) View

Using the options to the left, you can view and review all available images for the MRSN seismic stations. Use the date buttons to go forward and backward in time. Use the available stations list to change the current station.