Adrian Van Rythoven


Economic Geologist—Associate Professor
Phone: 406-496-4171
1300 West Park Street
Butte, MT 59701

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2012—Ph.D., Mineralogy & Geochemistry, University of Toronto
2006—M.S., Petrology & Geochronology, University of Toronto
2005—B.S., Geology & Chemistry, University of Toronto, Erindale College

Biography & Research Interests

Adrian is an economic geologist with the MBMG. His current work involves researching Montana's mineral deposits with a specific target for critical minerals. These are minerals, particularly ores for metals, that are necessary for us to enjoy a high-tech way of life. His previous research has involved rare earth element deposits and the mineralogy of diamond. He has worked as both a university professor and as a mineral industry geologist.

Year Citation
2023 Van Rythoven, Adrian, 2023, Preliminary data release of whole-rock assays from phosphoria-related entities in southwest Montana: Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Analytical Dataset 6.
2022 Van Rythoven, A.D., Schulze, D.J., Stern, R.A., Lai, M.Y., 2022. Composition of Diamond from the 95-2 Pipe, Lake Timiskaming Kimberlite Cluster, Superior Craton, Canada. Can. Mineral. 60, 1-24.
2021 Van Rythoven, A., Clark, J., Ray, J., Felsman, J., 2021. Normative indexes calibrated by automated mineralogy to model a rare earth deposit. Ore Geol. Rev. 139, 104540.
2020 Gray, C., Van Rythoven, A.D., 2020. A Comparative Study of Porphyry-Type Copper Deposit Mineralogies by Portable X-ray Fluorescence and Optical Petrography. Minerals 10, 431.
2020 Van Rythoven, A.D., Pfaff, K., Clark, J.G., 2020. Use of QEMSCAN(R) to characterize oxidized REE ore from the Bear Lodge carbonatite, Wyoming, USA. Ore Energy Resour. Geol. 2-3, 100005.
2020 Van Rythoven, A.D., Schulze, D.J., Davis, D.W., 2020. Ultramafic xenoliths from the 1.15 Ga Certac kimberlite, eastern Superior Craton. Can. Mineral. 58, 267-286.
2017 Safarzadeh, M.S., Horton, M., Van Rythoven, A.D., 2017. Review of Recovery of Platinum Group Metals from Copper Leach Residues and Other Resources. Miner. Process. Extr. Metall. Rev. 39, 1-17.
2017 Van Rythoven, A.D., Schulze, D.J., Hauri, E.H., Wang, J., Shirey, S.B., 2017. Intra-crystal co-variations of carbon isotopes and nitrogen contents in diamond from three North American cratons. Chem. Geol. 467, 12-29.
2011 Van Rythoven, A.D., McCandless, T.E., Schulze, D.J., Bellis, A., Taylor, L.A., Liu, Y., 2011. Diamond Crystals and Their Mineral Inclusions From the Lynx Kimberlite Dyke Complex, Central Quebec. Can. Mineral. 49, 691-706.
2009 Van Rythoven, A.D., Schulze, D.J., 2009. In-situ analysis of diamonds and their inclusions from the Diavik Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada: Mapping diamond growth. Lithos 112, 870-879.