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Welcome to the online catalog for the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG). Our catalog contains all Bureau publications as well as U.S. Geological Survey publications related to Montana's geology, hydrogeology, etc.

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Popular publications

[#1] B 105  
Caves of Montana
169 pages - $ 6.00
[#2] SP 92  
The Stillwater Complex, Montana: Geology and guide, Reprint 2002
396 pages - $ 25.00
[#3] B 134  
Sapphires in the Butte-Deer Lodge area, Montana
62 pages - $ 30.00
[#4] MBMG 554  
Geologic map of the Plains 30' x 60' quadrangle, western Montana
43 pages - $ 15.00
[#5] GM 62 B 
Geologic Map of Montana (matte paper)
73 pages - $ 60.00
MBMG Series Descriptions
  • Memoirs (M) Comprehensive scientific reports of broad topical or geographic scope that have wide and long-term importance. Included are reports of mineral resource studies, hydrogeologic studies, and geologic investigations.
  • Bulletins (B) Significant data and interpretations with lasting scientific interest.
  • Special Publications (SP) Compilations of interpretive works such as conference proceedings and guidebooks.
  • Miscellaneous Contributions (MC) Administrative reports, primary data tabulations, directories, bibliographies, indexes, and catalogs.
  • Information Pamphlet Series (IP) Generalized discussions of the earth sciences.
  • Geologic Map (GM) Mapped areas and presentations on various geologic themes. May include descriptive text, charts, tables, analytical data, and stratigraphic sections.
  • Hydrogeologic Map (HM) Mapped areas and presentations dealing principally with ground-water resources and investigations; may include descriptive text, charts, tables, analytical data, etc.
  • Miscellaneous (Misc) Miscellaneous publications and maps (i.e. calendars, postcards, outside publictions. special topo maps).
  • Montana Atlas (MA) Depicts geology, ground-water resources, mineral resources, and other subjects in a portfolio format.
  • Reprint Series (R) Reprints of selected out-of-print publications.
  • Report of Investigation (RI) Reports about narrowly focused areas of study.
  • Open-file Reports (MBMG) Manuscripts and maps that have not been through the final review process. Some open-file reports eventually appear as formal Bureau publications.
  • Ground-Water Open-file Reports (GWOF) Manuscripts and maps dealing with various ground-water issues in Montana that have been produced as ancillary documents by the Ground-Water Assessment Program.
  • Montana Ground-Water Assessment Atlas (GWAA) Descriptive overviews and maps interpreting the ground-water of selected areas. Maps are released as 'open-file versions' until formal review is completed.
USGS Series
  • Topo Maps
  • Geologic Maps (Geol)
  • Geologic Quadrangle Maps (GQ)
  • Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Maps (I)
  • Coal Investigations Maps (C)
  • Geophysical Investigations Maps (GP)
  • Land-use Maps (L)
  • Oil and Gas Investigations
    • Charts (OC)
    • Maps(OM)
  • Mineral Investigations Maps
    • Field Study Maps (MF)
    • Resource Maps (MR)
  • Hydrologic Investigation
    • Atlases (HA)
    • Unit Map (HU)
Outside Publications
  • Northwest Geology (NWG) Publication from Northwest Geology
  • Tobacco Root Geological Society (TRGS) Publication from the Tobacco Root Geological Society