Publications of Special Interest

The MBMG creates many publications of special interest that either do not fit neatly into our main programs or are of particular interest to the public. This page features some of these publications. We will continue to update this collection.

Geology of Montana

Geology Of Montana Cover

The Geology of Montana is a collaboration of scientists across the country, summarizing the state of geologic science in Montana in two volumes. Volume I, when complete, will include 17 papers that present Montana’s geologic history, and Volume II will include 11 papers that explore special topics related to our geologic resources. Articles are released as they are completed.

Geologic Road Map

Geologic Road Map

A folded geologic highway map of Montana to take with you on adventures.

Geologic Map Postcard

Geologic Map Postcard

A postcard version of our 2007 Geologic Map of Montana.

Richest Hill on Earth Postcard

Richest Hill on Earth Postcard

A postcard of the Butte Mine Map (MC 19) depicting Butte's underground mines.

Butte, Montana: Richest Hill on Earth Mine Map

A wall map

A wall map showing 100 years of underground mining in Butte with a map of all the tunnels and mines.

MBMG Calendars Through the Years

Storymap of MBMG Calendars

A storymap showing the locations and subjects of MBMG annual calendars since 1990

MBMG 2024 Annual Screensaver

2024 MBMG screensaver

The 2024 MBMG screensaver, with striking photos of Montana geology, scenery, and wildlife taken by MBMG staff and their families.

Sapphires in the Butte–Deer Lodge Area, Bulletin 134

Dick Berg's renowned study of sapphires in Butte and Deer Lodge.

Sapphire Deposits along the Missouri River near Helena, Montana, Bulletin 136

Dick Berg's sapphire series

The final major study in Dick Berg's sapphire series.

Lewis and Clark History Maps

Lewis and Clark History Maps

A series of 11 wall maps on various aspects of Lewis and Clark's journey, by Bob Bergantino and Ginette Abdo.