Geology of Montana

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) recently celebrated 100 years of service as Montana’s geologic survey. More than 1,400 maps and reports document nearly every aspect of the geologic sciences. Although most are authored by MBMG researchers, our collaboration with colleagues in the Montana University System, the private sector, and State/Federal agencies has served Montana well. The Geology of Montana presents the latest collaboration which summarizes the state of geologic science in Montana in two volumes. Volume I, when complete, will include 17 papers that present Montana’s geologic history, and Volume II will include 11 papers that explore special topics related to our geologic resources.

Completed papers will be published online as work continues toward completion of the entire volume.

Production of The Geology of Montana relied on the expertise and enthusiasm of the contributors, many of whom served as editors. The papers benefited from the thoughtful and thorough efforts of technical reviewers, acknowledged here in general and specifically in the individual papers. Graphics originated with the authors, skillfully drafted by Susan Smith of the MBMG. Layout and production relied on meticulous efforts of the MBMG’s Publications Editor, Susan Barth.

Volume I—Geologic History

Chapter Lead Author Availability
Preface Metesh In Production

Chapter Lead Author Availability
The Archean geology of Montana Mogk, Mueller, and Henry Download
The Paleoproterozoic geology of Montana Harms and Baldwin Download
The Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup Lonn, Burmester, Lewis, and McFaddan Download

Chapter Lead Author Availability
The Cambrian and Ordovician Sedimentary Record of Montana Thomas and McDonald In Production
The Devonian Sedimentary Record of Montana Hofmann Download
The Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Sedimentary Record of Montana Hendrix In Production
The Permian and Triassic Sedimentary Record of Montana Hendrix In Production

Chapter Lead Author Availability
Cretaceous – Paleogene Orogenesis of Montana Lageson, Kalakay, and Foster Download
Sedimentation During Early Foreland Development in Montana Hendrix In Production
The Western Interior Seaway in Montana Hendrix In Production
Synorogenic Basin Deposits and Associated Laramide Uplifts in the Montana Part of the Cordilleran Foreland Basin System Vuke Download
Mesozoic Magmatism in Montana Scarberry, Yakovlev, and Schwartz Download

Chapter Lead Author Availability
Eocene Magmatism and Coeval Crustal Extension in Montana Mosolf, Kalakay, and Foster In Production
The Eocene through Early Miocene Sedimentary Record in Western Montana Vuke Download
Middle Miocene through Pliocene Sedimentation and Tectonics in Montana: A Record of the Outbreak and Passage of the Yellowstone Hotspot Thomas and Sears Download
Quaternary and Late Tertiary of Montana: Climate, Glaciation, Stratigraphy, and Vertebrate Fossils Smith, Hill, and Reiten Download
Neotectonic Development of Western Montana Yakovlev, Scarberry, and Stickney Download

Volume II—Special Topics

Chapter Lead Author Availability
Montana Seismicity Stickney Download
Vertebrate Paleontology of Montana Horner and Hanson Download
Coal Resources of Montana Gunderson and Wheaton Download
Geothermal Resources in Montana Metesh In Production
Principal Aquifers of Montana LaFave Download
Hydrogeologic Responses to 50 Years of Surface Coal Mining and 20 years of Coalbed-Methane Production in Southeastern Montana Meredith, Wheaton, and Kuzara Download
The Berkeley Pit and Surrounding Mine Waters of Butte Gammons and Duaime Download
Metallic Ore Deposits of Montana Gammons, Korzeb, and Hargrave Download
Ore Deposits of Butte, Montana Reed and Dilles Download
Mineral Deposits of the Stillwater Complex Boudreau, Butak, Geraghty, Holick, and Koski Download
Industrial Minerals in Montana Berg, Childs, and Gammons Download